Best Waterfalls to Visit this Season near Raleigh, North Carolina

Best Waterfalls to visit this Season near Raleigh, North Carolina

Lassiter Mill Park is situated in the beltline of the flowing waters of Crabtree Creek. In 1908, Cornelius Lassiter acquired the land and introduced two 40-horse turbine wheels to facilitate grain & lumber milling. Tragically, the mill suffered a destructive fire in 1959, but the Lassiter family persevered in maintaining the site over time.

Thursday is one of the most bustling days to explore Raleigh’s Mill Park. Transportation to the park is mainly done by car, but there’s also the option of boarding buses to reach the location. For the best experience, 11 PM is recommended as the ideal time to visit.

Location :
3362, lassiter Falls Cir, Raleigh, NC

Distance :
3.8 Miles via Glenwood Ave

Timings :
Open 7 AM – 9 PM, but best timings to visit 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


• Visitors can also visit the Joel Lane Museum House
• North Raleigh Arts And Creative Theatre during their explorations.

Yates Mill is a historical park spanning over 174 acres and served as the last operating grist mill in North Carolina. The Mill Park stands as a testament to the region’s rich milling history. The park remains open to the public for most of the year, offering guided and public tours. However, for organised groups visiting on weekdays, it is advisable to book appointments in advance.

Mill Lake offers year-round fishing opportunities, ensuring anglers can indulge in their favourite pastime regardless of the season. However, for the most abundant and rewarding catches, the prime period to visit is between March and November.

Location : 4620 Lake Wheeler Rd, Raleigh, NC

Distance : 5.8 Miles via Lake wheeler Road

Timings : 8 AM – 9 PM

Entry Fee : 3 – 5 $

• Hikes along the millpond are very popular
• AE Finley Center for Education & Research
• A valid NC fishing licence & Professional Photography permit is required

Little River Park is one of the oldest parks in Zebulon which is renowned for its serene, natural flowing river. The park is an idyllic picnic spot, especially adored by nature enthusiasts. Little River Park activities include fishing opportunities and relaxing sandy beaches that make the destination a perfect one for peace and enjoyable outdoor experience.

4 PM is a relatively calm and less crowded time.

Location : 1800 W Gannon Ave, Zebulon, NC

Distance : 22 Miles via I-87

Timings : 7:00 AM – 7:30 PM

Entry Fee : No entry fee

Falls Lake holds significant importance as a valuable resource for Durham and the surrounding region. The lake boasts seven distinct areas that provide a wide array of recreational opportunities, including boating, fishing, swimming, picnicking, camping, hiking, and biking. The park follows a fee structure where vehicle entry fees are levied on weekends and holidays in April, May, and September, while day use is free for the remainder of the year. Camping, event permits, and facility reservations are also subject to separate charges.

Location : 15 Miles east of downtown durham

Distance : 22 Miles

Timings : 8 AM – 9 PM

At the park, visitors have the delightful opportunity to explore its premises on an old tractor while observing skilled blacksmiths at work. Additionally, the park boasts a fully functional, charming old sawmill. As well as a fascinating array of engines, all differing in size and purpose.
Each year, the park hosts captivating demonstrations of vintage equipment and weaving techniques, adding to the immersive experience. For those interested, there is also the chance to purchase a limited quantity of cornmeal and grits, adding a touch of tradition to the visit.
When it comes to satisfying hunger pangs, the food concessions are in the capable hands of Stubbs BBQ and Scoops Hot Dogs, ensuring that visitors have access to delicious refreshments throughout their stay.

Location : 4699 Carbonton Road Sanford, NC

Distance : 47.9 Miles via US-1N

Timings : Unless the park is reserved for private events, it is open from morning to evening.

Entry Fee : 5 $ per person, free for children below 12

In closing, this season offers an abundance of breathtaking waterfalls as the ultimate getaways near the Raleigh region. Each waterfall possesses distinctive features and exciting activities to enjoy with your loved ones.



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