8 Key Things About “Zombie Deer Disease” You Should Know

Zombie Deer Disease

8 Key Things About “Zombie Deer Disease” You Should Know!

The emergence of “Zombie Deer Disease” is causing heightened concern. Scientists are issuing warnings as cases surge in the USA. Experts have labelled the disease as a “Slow-moving disaster” and are urging governments to brace themselves for the likely possibility of human transmission. Following the aftermath of Covid-19, this has the potential to be the next pandemic.

Zombie Deer Disease Must-Know Facts
1) What is zombie deer disease?

Chronic Wasting Disease is commonly referred to as Zombie Deer Disease by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention centre calls it as prion disease, impacting deer, elk, reindeer, sika deer, and moose. Detected in various regions of North America, including Canada and the United States, Norway and South Korea.

2) Cases of zombie deer disease are rising in the US​

Latest Reports from Wyoming indicate that the disease has been detected in 800 samples of deer, elk, and moose. Concerns among experts are escalating, considering this a “slow-moving disaster” that could potentially extend to humans. The disease is fatal, and there are currently no known treatments or vaccines available.

3) Why are health experts and scientists worried about a possible transmission to humans?​

Experts are comparing the current situation with Zombie Deer Disease to the past mad cow disease or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) outbreak, highlighting the unpredictable nature of spillover events from animals to humans. Dr. Cory Anderson emphasizes the need for preparedness, drawing attention to the importance of learning from past incidents like the BSE outbreak in Britain.

4) Prion diseases affect both humans and animals​

According to the US CDC, prion diseases impact both humans and animals and are characterized by extended incubation periods. In the context of zombie deer disease, the CDC notes that “it may take over a year before an infected animal exhibits symptoms.”

Common zombie deer disease symptoms include significant weight loss, stumbling, and various neurological symptoms. Additionally, infected animals may display signs such as listlessness, drooling, increased thirst or urination, drooping ears, and no fear of humans.

5) CWD poses a risk to certain types of non-human primates

The CDC has been focusing on the World Health Organization’s advisory since 1997 to prevent the entry of agents causing known prion diseases into the human food chain.

Referring to animal studies, the CDC highlights a potential risk of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) to non-human primates, such as monkeys. These animals can contract the disease through contact with brain or body fluids from infected deer or elk.

6)​Difficult to eradicate CWD

Eradicating chronic wasting disease from the environment is highly challenging once the infection takes hold. According to reports from the Independent, the disease can endure for years in soil or on surfaces, displaying resistance to disinfectants, formaldehyde, radiation, and incineration at temperatures as high as 600°C (1,100°F).

7)​ Zombie deer disease First discovered in 1967​

Initially zombie deer disease was discovered in 1967 in Colorado, as per the U.S. Geological Survey. While there have been no reported cases of humans being affected so far, various studies indicate a potential risk of transmission to human beings.

8)​ Preventive tips for humans​

To stop the disease from spreading, the CDC says don’t shoot, handle, or eat meat from sick-looking or strange-acting deer and elk. Use gloves when handling them, avoid touching organs like the brain or spinal cord, and don’t use household knives for field dressing.

Conclusion :

Scientists are concerned about the potential transmission of zombie deer disease to humans, but as of today, no human cases have been reported. The hope is that it won’t spread to humans, but if it does, eradicating it is challenging due to its resistance to severe temperatures. It’s advised to avoid consuming deer and elk and to refrain from shooting or approaching them. Stay safe! The article above covers all the essential information for your safety.



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