Modern Indian Restaurant ‘Tamasha’ in Northern Hill

Modern Indian Restaurant ‘Tamasha’ in Northern Hill - Triangle Tilt

Modern Indian Restaurant ‘Tamasha’ in Northern Hill

Adding to the array of fantastic dining spots in Northern Hill, Tamasha has quickly become a hotspot for Indian restaurants. This modern Indian restaurant drawing in crowds and filling up reservations for the next two months already. With its growing popularity, there’s a lot to discover about what makes Tamasha stand out among the rest of the modern Indian restaurant.

Tamasha's Visual Feast

The latest addition to North Hills isn’t just a place to eat, it’s a visual delight. Tamasha Modern Indian restaurant catches your eye right from the start, with its striking design elements. 

From the elegant silver sculpture overhead to the cozy carriage-inspired booths and sleek marble cocktail bar, every detail captivates your senses. Step inside and embark on a culinary journey promising an unforgettable dining experience for all.

Open Hours:

 5-10pm, Tuesday through Sunday

Visionary Minds Behind Tamasha

Mike Kathrani and Tina Vora are the minds behind Tamasha. The duo, known for their ownership of Vora Salon & Spa in Cary, recognised the shortage of modern Indian restaurant dining options in the region. 

To bring their vision to life, they’ve joined up with chef Bhavin Chhatwani, who boasts a background in similar ventures such as the renowned Taj Campton Place in San Francisco. 

Delicious Menu Options

The menu at Tamasha offers a mix of timeless favorites and innovative creations. You can expect classic dishes like 

  • Hyderabadi dum biryani
  • Butter chicken
  • Dahi kebabs
  • Tandoori paneer tikka.

For those looking for something different, try the “Oyster 65”. A twist on a southern Indian dish usually made with fried chicken but here with fried oysters instead. Indulge in the flavorful pork belly boa with Kerala spices, and spicy chili shrimp at this modern Indian restaurant.

Don’t miss out on the chaat selection, where 

  • Crispy okra
  • Puffed flat rice 
  • Purple sweet potato 
  • Crunchy kale 

These Indian dishes take the center stage. And for a sweet ending, there’s a delightful mix of sorbets and gelatos to choose from.

Incredible Opening Bookings

Many Diners have shown immense interest in Tamasha since its debut. Just two weeks after opening at the base of the Advance Auto Parts tower, securing a reservation has become a challenge.

Mike Kathrani said that the restaurant is fully booked for its first two months. This bustling atmosphere fills the dining room with vibrant energy, with tables bustling and guests eagerly awaiting their food in a modern Indian restaurant.

Strict Dress Code

Tamasha sets the tone with a strict dress code, urging customers to embrace business casual attire, avoiding athletic shoes or flip flops. This commitment to refinement underscores their dedication to offering a distinguished dining experience.


Tamasha, a modern Indian restaurant has left a lasting impression and drawing strong interest from diners with its unique culinary offerings. Its popularity has led to full bookings for the next two months. 

Additionally, its distinctive dress code adds a touch of professionalism, making it an ideal spot for office gatherings or professional meetings. Experience Tamasha for yourself and indulge in its delightful ambiance and authentic Indian cuisine.



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