3 Best Breweries in Asheville

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3 Best Breweries in Asheville

Who doesn’t love beer? It is one of the oldest and best drinks worldwide. But when you’re in Asheville, it is a whole new level of beer heaven. This city has the best breweries in asheville over 100 places where you can grab a cold one.

Asheville is nicknamed as the ‘Beer City’ for its extensive contribution of more money per person from beer than any other city in the US. We have plenty of beer options from the best breweries in asheville which include, gluten-free ones, tangy sours, ciders, ginger beers, and drinks without alcohol.

If you’re in the city, you must definitely try these top 3 best breweries in asheville. They show off what makes Asheville’s beer scene so special. It’s a fantastic way to taste and enjoy the city’s love for beer!

1) Asheville Brewing Company

“Asheville Brewing Company” is one of the best breweries in asheville that offers an amazing setting for a fantastic time with your friends. This unique place is a combination of pizzeria, a retro movie theatre, and a brewpub as well.

Asheville Brewing Company is the third brewery to open in Asheville which now features 15-barrel and 7-barrel brew houses. Additionally, the North Asheville first-run Movie Theater presents newly released films on their opening day, providing the most affordable ticket prices in town.

A single company operating across three different locations, all tailored for your convenience. Find details about each location and everything you need to know right here!


📍  675 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC

  • Situated in North Asheville, this location offers choices for pickup, dining in, and outdoor patio options.

📍  77 Coxe Ave, Asheville, NC

  • One of the best breweries in asheville Nestled in Downtown – South Slope, this spot provides food pickup, delivery, and dine-in options. Here’s some great news for pet owners: you can bring your furry friends along, as they offer a pet-friendly covered patio.

📍 1850 Hendersonville Rd Suite A, Asheville, NC

  • Located in South Asheville, this location allows for online ordering or in-person pickup.

2) Bold Rock Cider

Blood Rock Roots originated in 2012 through the partnership of John Washburn and Brian Shanks. The renowned Bold Rock Cider gained its fame primarily from “Mills River Cidery.” As part of the best breweries in asheville, you can have a cider selection that has premium dry, vintage dry, draft, IPA, blackberry, pineapple, apple, seasonal Honeycrisp, watermelon, sangria, and white cranberry.

Additionally, they offer hard seltzers and cocktails. At Bold Rock Cider, best breweries in asheville have great seating available allowing guests to observe the production floor and bottling process while enjoying their flavorful ciders. An added attraction at Mills River is the Bold Bites Mobile Kitchen, serving up delicious food every day!


📍 39 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC

  • Bold Rock Asheville provides a range of services including dine-in, takeout, and delivery options. You have the flexibility to choose according to your preference. Award-winning drinks from the best breweries in asheville are available daily starting from 11:30 AM.

📍72 School House Rd, Mills River, NC

  • The Bold Rock Mills River Cidery provides both dine-in and takeout choices but does not offer delivery services. Operating hours typically start around 11 AM and extend until 12 PM daily, with minor variations in the schedule.

3) Burial Beer Co

Another best breweries in asheville, Burial Beer Co came from New Orleans, where the founders found their inspiration. Now, the Forestry Camp has transformed into a hub housing a 20-barrel brewhouse with 60-barrel fermenters, a barrel-ageing facility, a winery, and the Forestry Camp restaurant. Over time, Burial Beer Co has crafted dozens of distinctive beers and became part of the best breweries in asheville.

Dining options at Forestry Camp location offer indoor seating. Their menu was curated by their executive chef. It includes shareable plates and thoughtfully crafted cocktails. Additionally, the relaxed ambiance with a laid-back menu is a great aspect here. 

Annually, Burial Beer Co hosts Burnpile events at their Forestry Camp location. You can purchase tickets to taste from over 50 breweries. Do not miss to experience the diverse array of flavours and brews.


📍 40 Collier Ave, Asheville, NC

  • Burial Beer Co does not offer delivery services. They are open from 12 PM to 11 PM, making it a fantastic destination to visit!

📍 10 Shady Oak Dr, Asheville, NC

  • The Burial Beer Co Forestry Camp taproom and rustic eatery offer a selection of sandwiches, charcuterie boards, fish and meat dishes, along with a variety of wine and draft beer. Operating hours are from 4 PM to 10 PM.


In summary, don’t miss the chance to experience these exceptional award-winning best breweries in asheville. We’ve compiled all the details about these places for your convenience. Select your favourite spot and savour the outstanding beers from the best breweries in asheville. Asheville, renowned as “Beer City,” boasts some of the finest brews. Enjoy a delightful drink during your visit!



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